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August 23, 2015


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Lacy C.

My mother thinks she is Mickey Mouse when she gets drunk. It only happened once, but no way in hell I have ever let her forget I witnessed this event.

Her Partner in Crime

I feel your pain.
I have lived your pain.
Your mother drunk IS a pain.
I know this FIRST HAND!!
Oh I could tell you stories, I could regail you
with diatribe, hell I could even take you, even today,
to some of the "scenes" of the crime.

But really, at the end of the day, she (on te-kill-ya) is one funny ass woman!!!!!

She relayed this particular incedent to me recently,
but it just did not have the color that your version did!

I love this woman of whom you speak. I have loved her for over 40 years, but dear God in Heaven KEEP HER ON ICED TEA!!!

Mom (NOT Drunky McDrunkerson)

All right now....to my beloved son...who I cannot be angry at about this blog, because he did exactly as he wrote and drove all the way across town...picked up my hubby...and drove to exactly where he said and saved my drunk ass from a DUI...and to my "Partner in Crime" who I also cannot be angry at, because she's got way, way too much on me for me to piss her off (LOL)...I just have this to say. I do not deny being in the condition Sean so eloquently described, but there is a perfectly good explanation for it. "Kessica" and I were sharing Happy Hour with an attorney/friend. Yes, folks, I do have ONE attorney I consider a friend. My friends know what I think about the rest of them. LOL But my attorney/friend a few weeks before made the statement that I was "broken" because my idea of a drink was a glass....maybe two of Sparkling Moscato. She told me if I was going to continue working in the legal field, which I have worked in my whole career, and stay sane (which is already questionable), ...I needed to up my game in the alcohol department. So that particular night was a well-planned effort on my part to "up my game." I didn't expect to discover Silver Patron Margaritas and LIKE THEM SO MUCH!! Somewhere after my 4th or 5th...can't remember....I proved to Kessica and my other friend that I could definitely up my game. To my dismay, I made the mistake of talking on the phone and texting to Sean and my hubby, and the next thing I knew here they were...both coming in the door...coming to get me. And we were having such a good time...because...you see...while I do not partake often...when I do....I am a lot of fun. I don't think me gushing all over Sean and hugging him and announcing to the restaurant that I had such a great son and hubby thrilled Sean at all, but after his blog....he can just get over it. I no longer feel guilty about that. LOL Needless to say, I will probably have to LIE to both of them before I get to experience another Happy Hour with Kessica, but it was sooooo much fun....wasn't it...."Kessica"? The next day when I got to work, Kessica was all hung over and I was just fine...no hang over whatsoever..thank you Silver Patron. But the funniest part of this story...which Sean doesn't know or he would have written about it too is....Kessica and our other friend....after we left...looked at each other and both said they felt like two teenage kids whose parents had just walked in the house and caught them in the liquor cabinet. LOL Didn't know I had it in me anymore...but I can still hang with the "Girls Gone Wild." And intend to do more of the same...just not text while doing so, because when I looked at the texts I sent that night the next morning...I totally understood the knights on the white horses coming to my rescue. LOL


"Kessica"...are you going to defend me on all of this?? Chicken!!! LOL


Next time rent a party bus!


Funniest post I have read in about forever and can feel the pain although my own was at a much younger age. Funnier still when mom posted too. Keep up the good work.

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