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May 15, 2015


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I am quite sure you can find a Popeye's support group somewhere. Hi. My name is Sean, and I am a Popeye's addict!! You could probably find a ton of Popeye's addicts in the cardiac ward of any hospital. LOL

Megan Premo

Is there a cosmic event happening that has something to do with Popeye's? Because I just stumbled into your blog directly after chatting with a friend about Popeye's on Facebook. No lie:

"Oh, those were the days. $5 pitchers of PBR, Pinball, and Pool all night, every night. And waking up to Popeye's Chicken wrappers in my bed, and not remembering ever going to Popeye's Chicken."

I've had a love/hate relationship with Popeye's for 15 years. Good luck. It's tough to say goodbye, but you can do it.


It is just Popeyes way of giving back to the people it has hurt.

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