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April 06, 2015


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You DO NOT suck at it!! You are an extremely gifted writer. You are not going to please everyone, and you know it. You write from what comes from within and there are some who will love it, and some who won't, but you always stay true to yourself. It is all part of putting yourself out there, which you have done in a beautiful way. A writer is an artist and different eyes see things different ways. It's what makes the world go 'round. So get over yourself, and get to writing (and publish your other book, which is also great). Mom's orders. :-)

Hope Floats

Really? That doesn't say much for me then...Would you be offended if I said, "Stop being a whiny bitch!" because you are funny as hell. I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts and I think you should listen to your Mom. You have a great way of expressing yourself!


What she said.


Well said, Hope Floats. I like your whole comment, but especially the part about listening to his Mom. I'm afraid that you are writing to a wall, though. He never listens to me....even though deep down he always knows I'm right. LOL

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