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February 19, 2010


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Well, that's pretty sucktastic. And I agree, sitting in the parking lot is the worst part. Hugs!


Totally sucky to get fired but...Yo! You're a dude? Been lurking long time and I guess I never bothered to check out your "About" section.

Toni Miller

So no dual paycheck for a while. You might just want to think about working on your book. Add some more stories about the hotel riff raff. Do some polishing you know and maybe find yourself an agent. And sleep a little more. Sorry to hear that you lost your library gig cause it must really be sweet to be able to read amazon and write witty reviews at work. Also you get to check out books from the bookstore thats kinda awesome. You have talent Sean and this is a small bump in the road. The God I know loves everyone. The manager's attitude is less than Christian.


If you really think that the bitchy manager sabotaged you because you are gay, then you might have a case to sue them. That is exactly how it sounds to me.


Awww, it's ok. I always find that no matter how it happens, the end of a miserable job is ALWAYS the best...

Because then you create fake e-mails and use friends' addresses to send in complaints about the biggest douchebags. I really enjoy complaining about shit I was lied on about and making them look like assholes.

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