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December 01, 2009


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Toni Miller

Holiday treat. Jalapeno jelly poured over a block of cream cheese. Served with crackers. Usually Ritz. think trailer trash appetizers.


I too appreciate the occasional "sad and dejected" look people get on their faces. It's pretty much the only thing that makes watching football tolerable. You know... the cut to the fans in the stands when their team has lost the ball. Their paint covered faces are all frowny and their jaws have hit the floor. This is what I picture happening when a customer is disappointed & shocked to find you don't carry hair extensions. Ha ha... priceless.


Funny story about jalapeno jelly. I love jalapeno flavored things and I got my roommate into them, too. She discovered jalapeno jelly and said it's awesome on crackers with some cream cheese, so I guess as long as you keep away from substituting it for sweet things, then jalapeno jelly is fine. I haven't tried any yet, mostly cause I don't have cream cheese, but whatevs.

The point is that her family in Texas found her some and is sending it to her for Christmas. So you, sir, are apparently behind on the times. My roomie made it sound like Texas was the authority on all things jalapeno jelly related.

So maybe that's less of a funny story and more like a scathing accusation. The point is that I'm in Florida and if you checked the weather today then you know I'm getting flooded on right now. So I'm breaking the tension by relating to you over jalapeno jelly.

I'm with you on strawberry, though. Fucking LOVE that shit.

Toni Miller

I really hate to admit this but I have Jalapenos growing in my garden and I have been considering the making of the jelly. Because I am all sorts of domestic when I feel like it. So Sean if you want to try this I would make some either before the holidays or after depending on job related duties. Just send me an email and let me know.

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