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December 29, 2009


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I'm 50/50 on the Oprah bookclub. I have read a lot of them that were terrific, and a lot of them that were not so terrific. The one thing I miss the most about working for Barnes & Noble is getting first dibs on all of the good books that came out, regardless of who recommended it.

Toni Miller

I've never seen Oprah. I read all kinds of stuff some because my friends recommended the book . Oprah is not a friend,but Sean I consider you to be a friend so what do you recommend? I like all kinds of fiction. i await your recommendation for my next Kindle purchase.

Toni Miller

Oprah, who is that? I have a day job. Never watched the show. I do love to read. Don't belong to a book club, but I think its a great idea. How about a virtual club here in the comments of Sean's blog?? That way we don't ever have to host in our homes. Of course that means he would have to moderate comments and run the whole thing. What do you think Sean, want to have a book club on your blog?


Bring it on!!!

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