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September 07, 2009


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MEMEME send it to meeee! I entered late. That contest that ended up being a giveaway. of your soul? yeah, I entered late. But I still want to read it. Please, mama.


Well drat! I was totally going to enter but I listened to one of the voices in my head, you know the one thats always putting you down? I was all set to enter when she said, and why really are the bad voices always a she? Its like a man voice can't tell you all kinds of bad things about yourself, like who are you kidding you totally look like a slob in that outfit or everyone is going to laugh at you, again? Oh wait, where was I? (BTW, I blame the other her voice for always getting distracted.) Soooo, I was all set to hit enter and the voice said, "Who are you kidding, you have never won anything, never. You've never even found anything. You hit enter and he's just going to laugh at you, everyone laughs at you." So, I closed the page and went to drown my sorrow in a Dr Pepper. Now, if I had only not paid attention to her I could totally be throwing this back in her face right now.

BTW, I love your blog, it never fails to make me chuckle. : )


Yeeeeeeaaaaay!!! (in the nasal-y Cartman "Mommmmm" voice, of course) Can't wait to get started! And thanks for the honorable mention there, love. Because if there's one thing I'm good at... it's channeling Eric Cartman (and making lists of things I'm good at).


Yay. You absolutely made my day. You are my favorite bookstore/airport employee, sarcastic/cynical, Lance Bass loving writer/blogger.


I cannot begin to tell u how excited I am!

Lauren Peugh

AAAAAHHH I'm so excited!! My comment wasn't even clever and I still get a copy! wheee! ok sorry I'll calm down now


Oh I am so very excited about this. I do love your blog more than a fat kid loves cake and I know your book is going to be full of win. My offer will always stand for operation "Lance's Safekeeping". Keep up the bitchy and I will keep coming back for more.


what about those of us who were too lame to enter because we were dropped on our heads as a children and have had to spend the better part of our lives with lopsided melons and have therefore MISSED OUT ENTIRELY on possibly the coolest contest ever? cause I kinda suck like one of those people....or, you know, Jessica Biel on every casting director in Hollywood's man bits (because we all know she can't act)




Sweet! Can't wait! I need some new reading material for my graveyard shifts so that I can ignore the drunks that come stumbling in with stupid questions.


I am soooooo excited! Cant wait to read it!


Okay, you can't send that bitch Moe a copy and not send me one... So I didn't comment... but only because you don't have an IPhone app (yet). Plus, I've been looking for a good excuse to get rid of my dog- so he's yours (170lbs of fucking stupid). And if the screaming doesn't stop downstairs I might throw in a kid or two. And if you're REALLY lucky... I'll send you the video of my wedding in which my best friend and I reenact the "It's Gonna Be Me" video. Oh, it's even cooler than you can imagine. I assure you.

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