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July 22, 2009


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I turned a boy gay once. True story.

Also, Miley is on the cover of Elle magazine trying to look all Haute Couture when really she just looks extremely tired. But I'm sure you know this already since you work in a bookstore. I only know this because cashiering puts me right in front of the magazines and I stare at them all day. Oh, and apparently Jon's new bimbo is the topic of conversation now. Enjoy nibbling on that one. :-)


I agree! Meridith Grey needs to go down! She gets all the McDreamy Sex she wants, all the good surgerys, bitches about everything to Yang who has problems of her own, and takes George for granted! GEORGE=SO CUTE. Too bad he's off the show.....

Sorry...watching Grey's Anatomy reruns with my mother because its too hot to do anything else.....

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