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July 16, 2009


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And I thought the fact that I attract "pickle-eaters" at the movies was bad!! I guess it's true what they say, there's always room for porn. Or, is that just what my guy friends tell me?


Well...was the guy alone at least? So in a way, it was like a hand job but without the other person's hand. So he kind of did you a favor compared to the slut from before. Now the debate begins: which is better to witness in a movie theater where HARRY FUCKING POTTER is playing? A hand job or masturbation?

And I only call it HARRY FUCKING POTTER because it's practically a kid's movie that adults can also enjoy. It's not like you were seeing Show Girls or Bruno or something else with boobies or genitals in it. At least not where anyone can see them.


How was the movie?

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