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November 15, 2008


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ah,, just got back from breakfast - sat outside at a little place to eat & read the paper. Perfect attire, baggy sweatshirt & shorts - what was too warm w/ the sweatshirt was made up for w/ the shorts - very comfortable. (plaid very cheap shorts & a humongus sweatshirt that I hv no idea where it came from)----Just sayin______

Guy who agrees with Sean...

I think Sean has a point people. How can any over sized sweat shirt go with a pair of shorts?? I'll wear a sweater that zips up and has a hoodie with shorts incase it gets breezy out but not a big ass sweater that's supposed to go with a pair of thermals topped with jeans. (Just my opinion!) And a camo colored yarmulke??? Isn't that disnigrating Jewish people some how? I don't know where to put this subject but it's either somewhere in my book off things I'll never do or in my book of what dumb ass people do. Next time you see this guy (or the likes of him) you should ask him what he was thinking before he left his house and tell him not to think it again!!! As for the Walmart plaid you claim to love... I can by no means hate on Walmart. All my Dickies slacks I wear to work are from Walmart. But I somehow think that plaid should only be sold in the hunting/outdoor goods section. I have some plaid but really I think solid colors or shirts with some kind of funny saying are way better looking than plaid (and usually cheaper too!). But this is all just an opinion I'm sure no one will ever read. -Junior

Guy who agrees with Sean...

I'll forgive your lack o' fashion until you attempt to rock an Edward Cullen t-shirt. Then I'll have to slap you.

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