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September 15, 2009


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Shut. Up.


High five!!!


I wish I was a man just so I could pee on people with ease.


I was NOT expecting that last line as I scrolled down! And I will never understand how men can use urinals. Women would never do that, even if we could pee easily standing up.


you made my day :)


you are officially my hero.


OMG that is funny. Go Sean!


I agree with everyone ! You are my hero, that is funny, you made my day :) and I wish I was a man !!!!

Kudos to you for thinking on your feet ! Good thing you werent doing number two !!!!


You always wonder who these things happen to, and I guess we just figured it out- you. Poor thing! Ultimate fear #132: Being propositioned in the bathroom.
PS- If I hear you on the phone in the bathroom, I reserve the right to kick you in the shin and flush your phone.


HA! GOOD! And then he comes to find you in the bookstore and you discover he has a piss fetish. It all comes full circle! A nasty dirty circle!


You sir, are my absolute HERO!

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